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Photo Journey through Spain

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When Telling others about our time in Barcelona and Valencia, I find it hard to describe with words, so the following is a series of photos to show the vibrance of color and flowing lines of Gaudi architecture.


breaktime on the Ramblas

breaktime on the Ramblas










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Live Action Christmas 2009

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Merry Christmas!

Instead of bounding out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, thinking Santa had magically shimmied down the chimney, I rolled out of bed around 11:30, blearily stared at the French press until the coffee was ready and wrapped my hands around a warm mug before turning to the presents under the tree. It's not that I no longer am excited by Christmas morning antics, but the joy of sleeping under cozy covers with pillows all around on a cold night is just too tantalizing--a few extra hours of slumber tends to win over stumbling out of bed to presents I know won’t disappear at the stroke of 6am.
Festive Santa mug in hand, I proudly plopped Anthony's homemade stocking down in front of him. Stockings are difficult to find in Germany since they don’t play a part in their Christmas traditions, so I managed to put something snazzy together with a shopping bag and tape. It undoubtedly won’t hold up to make an appearance next year, but nonetheless fun to sneak under the tree.
Knowing we wouldn’t be surrounded with family this year, we took a myriad of pictures to share with you Christmas morning from abroad, including morning coffee, tossing wrapping paper around and figuring out how long to cook the ham for. So without further ado, roll out the red carpets, wrap your hands around a warm cup of something and enjoy!

p.s. you can view a larger version of these photos in my picture gallery


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5 Days 'til Christmas!

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Snow has come to Karlsruhe! It is such a blessing! Since I can remember Christmas only feels like a true Christmas when there are two things present: family and snow. Karlsruhe rarely gets snow but it's covering the streets and buildings as I clickity-clack away on the keyboard. The tree is up, the lights are on and the ornaments are in place. Anthony is here in Karlsruhe for three weeks. It truly is a good time of the year. We ran around and did some Christmas shopping yesterday, weaving through the crowds of families and tired children doing the same. The air and wind, however pierced through each layer of clothing we had on. We made our escape, by means of cutting through stores and malls.
Today however is truly a sunday--a day of rest. It's nice to not have any sort of schedule today but to eat breakfast at noon, have coffee somewhere in between and a cozy moment to sit back and read. So here I am now, trying to keep you all updated on the holidays here across the ocean. I'm sure it looks pretty similar to yours at home minus the stockings and other variations of holiday decorations.
Five more days to go!

Happy holidays and happy fourth week of advent!

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