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history of disorganization and a quite humorous walking tour


semi-overcast 60 °F

Thanks to the joy of jet lag I encountered the first 6am morning that I can remember in a long time. It was a great time, however, to soak in the fact that we had landed in Ireland and that I in fact would be in Europe for at least a year. I found some "coffee" aka instant powder in a sugar packet and chatted with some other jet-lagged individuals. Fortunately enough, Kristy and I found the one and probably only free thing in Ireland: a walking tour. The tour began in front of City Hall, but more importantly in front of two giant raw chicken statues to bring up the issue of food packaging. Our tour guide led us along the witty and very unorganized history of Dublin from its foundings to present day. It is always interesting to see how a local describes his fellow natives: some express great pride, others guilt or humility. In this case, I would go with humility, but I dare not agree openly to his findings. With this I mean describing the Irish as being incredibly unorganized and hence why past rebellions were quashed. And after five days in Ireland, I would agree: consistency and organization isn't a strong suit but humor and hospitality definitely are!
During the tour we saw the Dublin castle, which was built in about three parts. The third is alternately decorated in three colors and was therefore coined by Kristy and I as the "Ikea Castle". When inquiring on the colors, it was said to be a mystery or on the other hand "because the architect felt like it." We also were able to see a viking settlement, the birthplace of James Joyce, Christchurch Cathedral, Rory Gallagher memorial corner and much more. Needless to say we had tromped up and down the entire city by the end of the three hours, been pushed about by busy bustling Dubliners and ready for a slower pace...

to be continued...

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arrival daze

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6:ooam Camden Place Hostel, Dublin:

I am so confused of my whereabouts at the moment and any time I sleep, dream of home. The dreams are so real that I believe they are happening until I awake. Its as if I'm simultaneously living in two timezones, not sure which one is the real one.

I experienced and Irish breakfast yesterday and the overcast weather that at any moment carries the promise of rain. It is, however, a nice change from the 100F heat wave we recently experienced in Chico, CA! The Irish breakfast at Cafe Sofia around the corner was tasty but felt I was sampling an entire farm on one platter: sausage 'bangers', ham, eggs, baked beans and toast with coffee. The nice thing I've noticed is that most meals come with tea or coffee but are definitely more on the expensive side. besides this cafe, most food, even faster food is about 9EUR plus.

Today we will check out the local walking tour and see where we can explore and hopefully get lost a few times, or what I'd like to lovingly call: 'an adventure'!

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